Latino Exodus From the G.O.P.

Today I sit at my computer with mixed feelings of anger, frustration, betrayal and disappointment. These feelings have been festering for a while and I will try and help my readers understand the reasons for these feelings by explaining my perspective. That being said, I am dealing with a topic that I am passionate about so I will try and keep it nice but understand that it comes from the heart so this is my disclaimer. I apologize if anyone is offended by what they may read.  First, let me explain how I know my culture to be. This point of view is a direct result of my experience growing up in it as well as understanding its history.  My culture is one that works hard, preaches self-reliance, and demands respect whether it be for faith, family, friends, tradition, culture and land or environment. Many, if not all of these values tend to fall in line with what some people may consider conservative values. 

Many Latinos here in the United States who are familiar with the American political system understand that we have two political parties that have the greatest opportunity to govern the country, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. To go deeper into the political process and choosing which party to affiliate one with we read the platform for each party. Many well informed Latinos have come to recognize that the Republican Party is the party that seems to be most closely aligned with the culture that they belong to. President Reagan once made the comment, and I’m paraphrasing, Hispanics are republican, they just don’t know it yet.” Reagan, in my opinion, had the greatest understanding of our culture than any other president in the 20th century. However, he made a major blunder by not making a conscious effort to directly or indirectly communicate to all who received amnesty. In my opinion, he had the Latino vote solidified for the Republican Party but let it slip through his hands by lack of communication. President Reagan was right and his words rang true until recently which leads me to the meat of the matter.

With all the negative rhetoric going on in the political arena and media at this time, it is no wonder that the current sentiments towards anyone Hispanic is one that is in reflection of said rhetoric. This growing trend of Hispanic demonizing had it’s inception after the”Tea Party” lost its battles against the Obama Stimulus, Omnibus spending plan and Obamacare. After those battles were lost, the organization needed their next target. This target, low and behold was you guessed it, Latinos. While the economy continued to go south and unemployment continued to rise, the rhetoric on news outlets like Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio started to fire up their lynch mob torches. Focus started to shift away from crucial social issues, for instance, traditional marriage, pro-life issues as well as faith being accepted in public institutions. These important social issues, that were being lost by lack of a large enough conservative voting blocks, caused the “conservative” to turn and attack the only true ally they had in regards to conservative voting, the Latino.

Recently, the man who is in the lead of the republican primary early polls is a man who has recently earned the name Herman “The German” Cain because of his Nazi like ideas on boarder patrol. Mr. Cain, who is an African-America, twice made comments during his campaigning that he would build a fence that would be one flowing with electricity which would electrocute anyone who is attempting to cross. Mr. Cain also stated that a moat with alligators would also be a good idea to eat any of those attempting to enter this country.
He was criticized after making the first of his insensitive comments and responded that he was making a joke and that Americans needed to get a sense of humor. Understanding personalities of different cultures, I decided to give the man a pass but was going to keep an ear open from that point on. This past weekend, Mr. Cain made his second well documented remark on boarder security. He again responded to critics by stating that he was only joking and that Americans need to develop a sense of humor. This time, I interpreted his response as him saying that Americans need a sense of humor and not be offended because they weren’t the target, but Mexicans aren’t citizens and he didn’t address the non-citizen in his response. Mr. Cain just like the rest of the G.O.P. has failed to realize is that our people hold ourselves up to a high standard of demanding respect for our traditions and culture not only from ourselves but from others. We do not like or sit back when our culture is attacked. We will not sit back and say nothing and allow our people to be treated like animals. Our history shows it will take wiping out an entire civilization before victory can be declared. This issue will prove to be nothing different.

The attacks that have been tolerated ignored and even embraced by many in the G.O.P. has been the cause for a majority of the Latinos who identified, supported and gave their vote to the Republican Party to pack up their stuff and leave the tent. I am one of those who identified with the Republican Party because the congruency of their platform and my culture. Not so anymore. With insensitive jester jackass’ like Herman Cain and others who have seemed to hijack the party making offending remarks, we have been alienated and are now in the wilderness similar to Moses after leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Many of us have found ourselves in a dark forest and are trying to find our way to the promise land. The frustrating part of it is that though I agree with most all conservative ideals and would be willing to help advance them, this issue and how it has been addressed by the conservatives has made me realize why conservatism is diminishing and may have seen its better days. I refuse to give my support to the other side because I don’t believe they have the best interest of our community at heart either.

Obama promised that he would push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in his first year in office. We all know what he and the Democrat controlled house and senate did with their political capital, they forced through Obamacare. Apart from that, under Obama’s administration, we have deported more undocumented than ever before. I believe the reason for this extreme treatment and lack of compassion for our people by Obama is due to the fact that Latinos overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton for president. Understanding Obama and his politics, I believe this is payback.  The question now is, where do go from here? Do we compromise our core beliefs to oust all who oppose our idea of acceptable immigration reform and put in power those who are at odds with the rest of our values? Do we grin and bear it and continue to support a party who views people who look like us as possibly undocumented and violate or civil rights? Or do we sit home on election night? I will leave it up to you to decide, but I have made up my mind and that is to leave the party of Lincoln until it gets back in line with its core values. Until that happens, Adiós cabrones!


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