Moummar Gaddafi Sodomized While Hearing Shouts of “Allahu Akbar!”

“Allahu Akbar!” (God is Great) was shouted by an angry mob of rebels as the bloody and broken down deposed Dictator Moummar Gaddafi was pulled from sewers in his hometown of Sirte, Libya. This marked the end of an eight month battle between rebel forces and Gaddafi loyalists. Gaddafi was hated by many in his country for various crimes against his own people that spanned over four decades. The fate that Gaddafi faced after he was pulled out of the sewer was one for the history books.

The Once Proud Despot Moummar Gaddafi

After being pulled out of the sewer like a rat, the rebels began to beat and publicly humiliate the once proud dictator. Pulling hair out from the root, punching, kicking and slapping the deposed despot Gaddafi was all caught on camera and released for the world to see. Also caught on video was a despicable man who appears sodomizing Col. Gaddafi with a foreign object. Some describe the object as a possible bayonet, knife or stick. Gaddafi was paraded through the streets while rebels shot their AK-47’s in the air in celebration.

Video shows a downed Gaddafi with what appears to be a gunshot to the head and torso. Reports were released stating that Gaddafi was shot in the crossfire. I for one am not buying that report and after witnessing their twisted display of jubilation, I suspect that Col. Gaddafi was murdered in cold blood at the hands of his captors.

Despite the fact Gaddafi was a despicable despot deserving dissension, the dehumanizing disrespect he endured before his demise was downright disgusting. I refuse to accept this form of torture as an acceptable practice even though in this case the recipient was reaping what he sowed.

More troubling is the thought that these are the people who will establish a new government. The last I hear, the new government immediately lifted the ban on polygamy and stated that Libya will now be ruled by Islāmic Sharia Law.

God is Great indeed but for gods sake, we can use His help right about now. Call it what you want but I choose to call it Barrera’s Blabber.


7 thoughts on “Moummar Gaddafi Sodomized While Hearing Shouts of “Allahu Akbar!”

  1. Under no circumstance is it acceptable to sodomize anyone ! That is just downright disrespectful and a violation of human rights . Sure Ghadaffi was no saint but to murder the man in cold blood and not afford him a fair trial is just a sign of the times and most likely a glimpse of the disregard for authority that I’m sure we’ll see more of

    • Let’s be careful not to charge them with cold blooded murder if we don’t have evidence. I suspect them of assasination based on their treatment of him that was caught on camera.

  2. To hell you say? Straight to hell is where we’re headed when this becomes the norm. After seeing this I was truly sickened. Humans behaving like animals calling it justice. I pray that our society doesn’t become one such as this. I don’t call this blabber, I call this the opinion of millions….or at least it should be. God have mercy on those who don’t.

  3. I am just in awe at the blatant overlooking of the original UN agreement which didn’t involve killing Gadaffi capturing him was supposed to be the end result.

    The video sickened me also; it is once again another example of the superpowers funding rebel groups that will form government.

    Did the British government not learn their lesson with the Taliban?

    The video is just a blatant act of remorseless revenge.

  4. I kept asking myself why is our Nobel Peace Prize winning president, Obama attacking Gaddafi?

    Gaddafi is a character, got to love him. I like to think of Gaddafi as the unknown 6th Beatle.

    Rest his soul.

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